Friday, 17 July 2015

Three Little Birds

Dashiki Dress - Vintage
Tribal Pants - Bohemian Seed
Shoes - Rubi

Driving further and further out west into the country we find these painted sheds with outback scenes on them. There is absolutely no-one around, it's like a ghost town, we haven't passed any cars in forever and so I start to get undressed next to the car to put this outfit on. I 'm standing there in my 'smalls' when a car suddenly comes out of no where and decides to park directly opposite where I am standing to have a good look as I frantically try to hide. Lesson learnt, don't think you are safe  to undress when you think no-one is around! There was also an outback dunny that I regretfully forgot to take a photo of as it had a skeleton sitting on the toilet reading a paper painted on it. Quite amusing indeed. Love these quirky murals you find in these towns.

This vintage dashiki dress was tight and fitted all the way down the front but I undid it at the front seam to go up to the navel, so it is more like a top now. Will probably sew it back together in the near future for a different look :)


Keit said...

Rofl!!! I tried doing this once, well, several times because some guy I knew had an online vintage store and wanted help with styling outfits and taking photos. I had to undress in a park in front of a block, while people were walking their dogs or just passing by! Thank God there was this little "basement"thingy where I was relatively hidden from people's curious eyes....NEVER AGAIN! :D
Loooove your blog, your style is amazing. I'm a fan of colors and the outfits you put together are so full of life and beautiful, I'm a new fan-stalker :D

Dark Horse Wanderer said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Keit! xo

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