Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Cabin by the Sea

Faux Fringed Vest - Thrifted ( no brand)
Ashbury Crochet Dress - Unif
Black Satin Playsuit  - Bardot
Boots - Soles
Photography - Troy Hanson
"And if you wish you can stay, as long as you please
Just lend a helping hand up at our cabin by the sea
Where everyday is beautiful, the sun, the sand, the breeze
And everybody lives together here in harmony
Picture you and me in the cabin by the sea.
You paint the fence, i'll hang the tire from the tree.
Our friends are all around, and the storm was a no show
Said we look better in the black and white photo" ( Dirty Heads)
How amazing would it be to have a shack like this so you could awaken to a new day with the burning sun on your body. A quick dip in the water and away you go :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

On the Boardwalk

Black Dress - Faith & Lola ( Thrifted)
Henna - Divine Henna Design
Shoes - Lipstik
I've been wanting to watch the sun come up at this lake for so long but every time I couldn't seem to drag myself out of bed. I wasn't going to do that this time. We woke at 4 am to make sure we could get there at the perfect time. The water was still and beautiful and we found this little jetty hidden behind a building which was perfect for these photos.

Rockin Relics

Aztec Shirt - Vintage
Denim Shorts - Lee
Leg Henna - Divine Henna Design
Boots - Ariat
We got up at 4 am so we could get some photos at the lake while the sun was coming up. On the way home we went past this cool antique shop that I have been in several times. It was too early to take a look but couldn't resist taking photos out in front of the bright red building. I picked up this vintage southwestern button up shirt from the op shop. I am a bit of sucker for bright colours and prints. I also just had my leg hennafied to add to the print clash. It is an amazing design featuring a bird at the top of my thigh. More pics are on my instagram and more to come on the blog too!
Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Hair Extensions: Irresistible Me
Gigi Dress in Black - Bardot
Nano Black Cobra Shoes - Lipstik 
I was recently contacted by Irresistible Me asking if I would like to trial and review some hair extensions of my choice. I have always wanted to try hair extensions so I jumped at the chance! As my hair is ombre I choose the platinum blonde to match the ends of my hair and it matched perfectly! I am super low maintenance when it comes to my hair so I was worried it would be not as an easy task to apply these since I am completely clueless. Thankfully it was a breeze and I literally spent only about 10 minutes in total putting these in my hair. It had been recommended to me that since my hair has wave that I curl the extensions but I blow dried my hair as straight as I could ( I usually just let my hair dry naturally) and so despite my lack of time put into it I think they blended in really well. With time and a little more patience I am sure I can have even more fun with these extensions. The Royal Remy hair extensions I used are real hair so it felt and looked completely natural. I was impressed with the service and with the quality of the product. I have made a video with more detail which will be coming soon!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Tribal Trance

Necklace - Feather + Arrow
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Treadlight
Elly and I were going to go down to the beach and take some photos but it started to rain and so we ended up going into the garden.  You can see some raindrops on me and I'm smiling because it was a bit funny. Elly is a personal trainer ( The Body Love Foundation )  and isn't normally a photographer but she did a great job and we had fun.
This is a separate top and pants and I love how they can be mix and matched with other earthy tones.  Primitive Tribal Craft are based out of Israel and I love the earthiness of their creations. They are also handmade fair trade. Make sure you check out their Facebook page, they have some beautiful photos.  I was surprised and happy to see that readers from Israel make up my third largest readership. First is my home country Australia, followed by United States. I love that we can connect from all over the world!
I have been listening to some older music by a band from the 90s called Tribal Trance that were based here on the Sunshine Coast. Many years ago I was given a couple of CDS from one of the founding members Matt James who is now a solo musician. At one time we decided to go live in a kombi van so I gave all my CDS away, I was happy to find one of the CDS at a thrift shop not too long ago called ' Minjahra '. I also found 'Deep in Didge' on eBay so have ordered it as it's one of my favourites. Chris Lane who you may know from Oka was also a member of the time. I love to crank it loud, lay down and just let the sound go right through me. 

Wolf Child

Nocturnal Drifter Tee - Wolf Child
Black Wild Gypsy Skirt - Bijou the Label
Thanks to the Imperial Lionheart Hotel

I have seriously been wearing this tee everywhere! I love the boho artwork by Sabrina who not only illustrates the tees and sells them on her website but she also has a small range of clothing and accessories to compliment her t-shirts. And of course who doesn't like owls, they represent wisdom and intuitive knowledge!
Elly from The Body Love Foundation has been helping me get into tip top shape and her friendship has been invaluable. Not only is she an amazing personal trainer she kindly took these photos for me! She said she isn't a photographer but didn't she do a great job?! I just cropped and edited them!
Friday, 14 August 2015

Merry People

Gumboots - Merry People
Yellow Top - Vintage
Denim Shorts - Billabong

My calendar is filling up with all the amazing music events and festivals coming up in the remainder of the year, and I have already started to think about what I am going to wear ( I just can't help myself heehee).  Especially when I heard that Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest has a Woodstock theme this year! Who doesn't love a good dress up? And that theme is riiiiight up my alley. I'm going to have a ball not only enjoying some of my favourite bands playing there ( Caravana Sun, Cheap Fakes and The Floating Bridges to name a few) but I will also be roving around taking photographs galore. (Make sure you get tickets so as they are set to sell out as numbers are capped).

Add my new gumboots from Merry People to the equation and I know I am going to have a great time. I have actually been wearing these everywhere as they go with so many things and they are super duper comfy. Ah so excited for good times to come!