Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Hair Extensions: Irresistible Me
Gigi Dress in Black - Bardot
Nano Black Cobra Shoes - Lipstik 
I was recently contacted by Irresistible Me asking if I would like to trial and review some hair extensions of my choice. I have always wanted to try hair extensions so I jumped at the chance! As my hair is ombre I choose the platinum blonde to match the ends of my hair and it matched perfectly! I am super low maintenance when it comes to my hair so I was worried it would be not as an easy task to apply these since I am completely clueless. Thankfully it was a breeze and I literally spent only about 10 minutes in total putting these in my hair. It had been recommended to me that since my hair has wave that I curl the extensions but I blow dried my hair as straight as I could ( I usually just let my hair dry naturally) and so despite my lack of time put into it I think they blended in really well. With time and a little more patience I am sure I can have even more fun with these extensions. The Royal Remy hair extensions I used are real hair so it felt and looked completely natural. I was impressed with the service and with the quality of the product. I have made a video with more detail which will be coming soon!