Monday, 27 October 2014

Oka Camp Out Weekend at Mt Warning

Road Trip Selfie!

Stu from Oka

Paddy Mac the Elf Man

Jam Session

Fire twirling
Rock Cairn ( Rock Stacking ) at the creek

Mount Warning
Entertainment at the markets at Nimbin

Currumbin Rock Pools

As long time fans of Oka we were excited to learn that there was an Oka Camp Out happening at Mount Warning. Having wanted to experience the camp out when they had their first one last year but not being able to make it, we made this a priority. A road trip was in order!

We opted to take our time to get there on the Saturday before setting up our tent at the Mount Warning Rainforest Park where the event was to be held.

On the way we found ourselves at Crystal Cottage in the Currumbin Valley and had ourselves a bite to eat. Some cheeky chooks made themselves a little comfortable ( the owners stated they weren't even theirs!) and sat under our feet as we ate and then hopped on the table to steal some leftovers as we were leaving. We had a look at the large range of crystals and new age style gifts and decorative items. A reading from Merlin the Magician and we were on our way again!

Three of us girls were roughing it and we got set up before making our way over to the end of the camp grounds where the stage was set up. There was a traditional welcoming ceremony before Oka began their first set and quickly everyone was up and dancing and enjoying the amazing surroundings we were in. Markandeya was a special guest on vocals before performing some of his own music which we all loved. The good vibes were flowing! We were dancing up a storm but were getting a bit peckish so we walked back to our site and my friend cooked us up a beautiful thai meal before we went back for the second set of Oka music into the night.  There were so many beautiful people enjoying the night but alas we knew the music had to come to an end We sat around the campfire for a while and enjoyed a hot chocolate each having a chat to new friends. Around us there were jam sessions continuing on but we were intrigued by the loud drumming up near the camp kitchen so we decided to go have a look. What we found was a pumping group of people with a tribal beat happening. Bongo drums, djembes, accordion, guitar - even people on pots and pans! The space was filling up as more and more joined in and had a dance session long into the night. Eventually of course it was time for it to come to an end so we made our way back to have a snooze before waking up to enjoy the second day.

Sunday morning there was a yoga session to a live Oka soundtrack but we decided instead to go for a dip in the pool to wake ourselves up before joining Oka once again for the Sunday sesh dance party! Considering the big night that we had everyone was still pumping and dancing and we made the most of it before we had to head back to pack up our tent.

Up the road we stopped at a creek where it was full of rock cairns ( rock stacks ). We had a chat to some other folks sitting and admiring the view in peace before we each made our own rock cairn to join the others.

We made a quick detour to Nimbin to check out the markets and have a nice lunch at the cafe before heading to the Nimbin Candle Factory to stock up.

Sweltering heat meant that the Currumbin Valley Rock Pools were a welcoming site! A beautiful place for a swim to cool off ready for the rest of the drive home.

Thanks to my friend Nikki for a couple of these photos :)

Watch the video below for some footage :)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

Stevie Crochet Maxi Vest Worn As Dress - Spell & The Gypsy Collective
Slip Underneath - Vintage
Suede Fringed Vest - Vintage
Leather Belt - Vintage
Shell Necklace - Handmade Gift from Friend
Cuff - Sportsgirl
Boots - Novo Shoes
Palm Springs Heel - Rubi Shoes

I recently read a little about Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine who in the 80s decided to set out on a road trip of Africa for 18 months. Gunther is still travelling over 24 years later! Sadly his wife passed away from cancer in 2010 but Gunther vowed to keep travelling. Shunning technology and still driving the same Mercedes 4WD (named Otto!) they set off in, he has travelled through 215 countries. In his 70s he recently finished his travelling and returned to Germany.

We recently fitted out the back of our van so that we can have more overnight road trips in comfort. It is my dream to eventually travel more of our great country and overseas just like Gunther did. For now I am enjoying exploring closer to home :)

Friday, 17 October 2014

If I Married in the Age of Aquarius

I picked up this gorgeous vintage dress in broderie anglaise fabric and knew I had to take photos of it in a beautiful garden to give it justice. The bodice laces up at the front too!
Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Moon Follows Me Wherever I Go

Dashiki Print Dress - Vintage

A beautiful trellis with a vine and gorgeous flowers surrounding it made the perfect backdrop for my age of aquarius style shoot featuring this fantastic 70s vintage dress with the most amazing angel sleeves!