Thursday, 16 October 2014


Nimbin Rocks

The site of the fire where shops and the Nimbin Museum once stood 

Nimbin Hemp Embassy

Nimbin Candle Factory

No trip to Byron Bay is complete without taking a road trip out to Nimbin.

Nimbin is known for it's colourful characters and it's somewhat 'hippy' culture which includes being known for it's stand on marijuana use.

My favourite thing about Nimbin however is the fantastic colourful sign writing that adorns the top of the shops in the town centre.

Unfortunately recently a fire broke out in the main street of town and destroyed several businesses including the Nimbin Museum.

If you want to get a bit of a feel for what Nimbin is known for you can still visit the Hemp Embassy.

Don't forget to travel a little to the outskirts of the town to visit the Nimbin Candle Factory, they have been making candles since the 70s and are now located in the historic butter factory along with a couple of other businesses.  They have some amazing pyramid candles with delicious scents.


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