Thursday, 16 October 2014

Spring Flowers at Noosa Botanic Gardens

It was late in the afternoon and I was driving home and I decided to drop into the Noosa Botanic Gardens. It is spring after all and I knew there would be flowers in bloom.  These gardens are a bit of a hidden gem in the region and in fact a lot of people are not even aware they exist - especially as they are actually located in the outskirts of Cooroy! And by the way did I happen to mention it is free to visit? Bonus!

Lake Macdonald Park is located right next door and the gardens are located right on Lake Macdonald. It's a great place to canoe or kayak ( putting that on my list to do!).

For now I was content to have a wander through the gardens and admire the flowers. I took the long route around which is actually 15 km and the smaller walks also in between. The gardens are so peaceful and calm and there is plenty of picnic tables and seating scattered around the whole walk. But you can be assured you will find a peaceful spot to yourself. There are also beautiful manicured grass areas too, one area in particular has a gorgeous trellis at the back of it surrounded with purple blooms.

The biggest surprise for most people is the amphitheatre. It is occasionally used for small music events with jazz or opera.

I could tell you so much more but I recommend you give it a visit yourself. And make sure you pack a lunch and have a picnic, I think that is one of the nicest ways to enjoy it. Take your time and enjoy the peace :)


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