Thursday, 2 October 2014

Emu Mountain + Wildflower Spotting

Always up for new adventures when my friend invited me to join her and another friend on some exploring I jumped at the chance.

I had climbed Emu Mountain a couple days earlier but was keen to do so again, this time observing more the wildflowers that are currently in bloom in the area.

We also went across the road to the Peregian section of the Noosa National Park, a path that ends up on the beautiful beach.

It's important to spend some time in nature on a regular basis to help you stay grounded and remember that we are just a small part of this universe.

Take the time to observe and notice the small details.  The world really is a beautiful place, sometimes it is hard to remember that when you are focused on the every day mundane.

If you want to go exploring yourself this is a handy guide to some of the flowers here:

Apparently you can also pick up a hard copy of an 'Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival Self Guided Walks' brochure. Try your local council chambers or library.


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