Thursday, 30 April 2015

70s Librarian

70s Embroided Top - Vintage
Heart Sunglasses - eBay
Leather Belt - Vintage
Copper Enamel Bracelet - Vintage
Blue Flare Jeans - Levis
Platform Shoes - Rubi

Another 70s inspired number for this shoot although I don't advise wearing sunglasses indoors when you are trying to read ;)

Do you ever feel that as time goes on that we are becoming more and more conservative? I think it is the usual thing to think that your generation is more daring and adventurous than the one before but in reality if you look at the fashion when you go to any shopping mall it has become a bit more 'mainstream' in many ways. I am always on the look out for amazing vintage sellers and small businesses that are talented and creative in their designs. 
Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Whispers in the Trees

Tooled Leather Head Crown - Feather + Arrow
Turquoise Tooled Leather Cuff - Feather + Arrow
Lace Kaftan - Feather + Arrow
Beige Slip Underneath - Vintage
Turquoise Inlay Tooled Leather & Fringe Necklace - Feather + Arrow

We visited Wirreanda Park in Buderim where there is two beautiful rows of weeping fig trees almost forming an archway. These were planted over 100 years ago and were once the entrance to a homestead back in the day. Once you walk in there it is like an enchanted forest with the ground littered with leaves. It is easy to miss but if you look up in one of the trees you will find a large lock with a chain that is encased with metal flowers and a metal heart with an inscription on it. I didn't have my selfie stick to get up high enough but it intrigues me.

I was thinking as we took these photos how easy it was to miss this beautiful place. I have driven past it countless times and never taken any notice or even looked in further. How many times do we do this? Not notice what is around us as we are too focused on things that are not important. I know there was a presence of more in this park than can be seen with the naked eye. I felt it. What would be whispered to us? What knowledge can we gain? Maybe if we quieten our mind we might just hear it.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bone Dance

Heart Glasses - eBay
Basket Bag - Thrifted
Bone Choker Necklace - Feather + Arrow
Broderie Anglaise Top - Feather + Arrow
Embroidered Wrap Skirt - Gift from Casey
Wanderer Bracelet - Feather + Arrow
Boots - Ariat 

"Ooh can you feel it?
Coming on like a storm
Ooh it has been breathing
Breaking into our bones.
All this time it has been beating.
Under the concrete and the stone.
All this time we have been sleeping.

Remember the fire.
Remember the drums.
Remember the drums.
Remember to Bone Dance.
There's a blue bass booming in the bottom of the basement."

I'm really loving these earthy colours and I'm loving this music from Deya Dova. You really need to turn it up! 

We went for a walk into the beautiful Buderim Forest Park then took some sneaky snaps here.  This being a 120 year old heritage listed cottage that houses the popular restaurant  Harrys on Buderim. They were closed today so we took some sneaky snaps out the front. My friend Ben is a chef there so he will get a surprise when he sees these photos :D

Monday, 27 April 2015

Travelin' Blues

Olive Green Hat - Similar Here
Crochet Top - Feather + Arrow
Tooled Leather Belt - Vintage
Jeans - Just Jeans
Leather & Turquoise Cuff - Feather + Arrow
Boots - Ariat

We had to take these sneaky shots quickly as we were somewhere we shouldn't be. We got these photos before we were told politely to move on as it wasn't the safest place ;)

More wonderful goodness from Tara with both this top and cuff. If you like this look make sure you also check out Wandering Gypsy and Yes to Backstage Passes.

Started a week long juicing cleanse this week so wish me luck! Will then be transitioning to vegetarian. I think a few things lately have made this decision easy. Talking to fellow vegetarians Katie Moon and Casey Lee probably helped reinforce it was a good decision for me too :)

Friday, 24 April 2015

Blue Jean Baby

Heart Glasses - eBay
Embroidered Top - Vintage
Denim Flares - Levis
Leather Bag - Handmade
Leather Belt - Vintage
Platform Shoes - Rubi

If I could wear like this every day of the week I would. Late 60s early 70s vintage is my favourite era for clothing. I've always had a thing for authentic embroidered vintage tops but I kind of lost interest when they started mass producing remakes years ago and were everywhere. Now I am rediscovering my love for them again. You can tell the authentic ones from the type of fabric and the pointy collar on this one. And of course you cannot go past denim flares. They never lose their appeal for me.

How do you like my glasses? Like the saying goes ' I can't see my haters with my love glasses on'. When I wear them people have a second look and often a smile.