Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Whispers in the Trees

Tooled Leather Head Crown - Feather + Arrow
Turquoise Tooled Leather Cuff - Feather + Arrow
Lace Kaftan - Feather + Arrow
Beige Slip Underneath - Vintage
Turquoise Inlay Tooled Leather & Fringe Necklace - Feather + Arrow

We visited Wirreanda Park in Buderim where there is two beautiful rows of weeping fig trees almost forming an archway. These were planted over 100 years ago and were once the entrance to a homestead back in the day. Once you walk in there it is like an enchanted forest with the ground littered with leaves. It is easy to miss but if you look up in one of the trees you will find a large lock with a chain that is encased with metal flowers and a metal heart with an inscription on it. I didn't have my selfie stick to get up high enough but it intrigues me.

I was thinking as we took these photos how easy it was to miss this beautiful place. I have driven past it countless times and never taken any notice or even looked in further. How many times do we do this? Not notice what is around us as we are too focused on things that are not important. I know there was a presence of more in this park than can be seen with the naked eye. I felt it. What would be whispered to us? What knowledge can we gain? Maybe if we quieten our mind we might just hear it.


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