Friday, 24 April 2015

Blue Jean Baby

Heart Glasses - eBay
Embroidered Top - Vintage
Denim Flares - Levis
Leather Bag - Handmade
Leather Belt - Vintage
Platform Shoes - Rubi

If I could wear like this every day of the week I would. Late 60s early 70s vintage is my favourite era for clothing. I've always had a thing for authentic embroidered vintage tops but I kind of lost interest when they started mass producing remakes years ago and were everywhere. Now I am rediscovering my love for them again. You can tell the authentic ones from the type of fabric and the pointy collar on this one. And of course you cannot go past denim flares. They never lose their appeal for me.

How do you like my glasses? Like the saying goes ' I can't see my haters with my love glasses on'. When I wear them people have a second look and often a smile.


Joana said...

Amazing style!

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