Monday, 6 April 2015

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Sequin Top - Vintage
 Jeans - Sportsgirl 
Boots - Big W
Jacket - H&M
Mirrored Glasses -  Here
Photos - Troy / Edited - Me

Doing this shoot reminded me of being a teenager and hanging around the streets at night with friends, sitting in the gutter and just having some innocent fun. Well, we thought we were innocent but it seems some people started to talk about this young girl hanging out with all these guys. Well, I was a tomboy and I never saw anything wrong with it, they were my friends and I knew they looked out for me. I'm still a bit of a tomboy at times and are tempted to hang around in  jeans and old tshirts ( as my friends will attest to having seen) but I do make more of an effort these days to dress more like a woman because I love being one.

I think alot of women struggle with this these days, not wanting to dress up because they don't want attention. They don't want to be seen as being too confident. Hey, I've been there.  This seems very much an Australian thing. Well lovelies, my mission for you if you choose to accept it, is to start looking at dressing up more often or start finding your own style and what makes you feel good. Stop telling yourself the reason you are wearing what you are wearing is because it's 'comfortable'. Bloom like the beautiful flower you are x


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