Monday, 13 April 2015

Maggies Farm

Olive Green Hat - Similar Here
Paisley Silk Shirt - Thrifted
Suede Look Skirt with Fringing - Thrifted (Similar Here)
Leather Belt - Thrifted
Turquoise Feather Necklace - Here
Cowboy Boots - Ariat

I keep hearing fringing is in fashion. Well, I don't really care if it is or not because it never goes out of style for me. Makes me want to dance and twirl in it, which I would anyway. 

The weather is starting to cool down and I usually find it a bit harder to find clothing that isn't monochrome. Not that I don't like black, whites and greys but I do like to have a little bit of pizazz in there somewhere to mix it up a bit. So that is going to be my challenge and one I will enjoy conquering! To be more creative with summer clothes perhaps, and make them transition into the winter wear. We shall see :)


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