Monday, 24 August 2015

Tribal Trance

Necklace - Feather + Arrow
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Treadlight
Elly and I were going to go down to the beach and take some photos but it started to rain and so we ended up going into the garden.  You can see some raindrops on me and I'm smiling because it was a bit funny. Elly is a personal trainer ( The Body Love Foundation )  and isn't normally a photographer but she did a great job and we had fun.
This is a separate top and pants and I love how they can be mix and matched with other earthy tones.  Primitive Tribal Craft are based out of Israel and I love the earthiness of their creations. They are also handmade fair trade. Make sure you check out their Facebook page, they have some beautiful photos.  I was surprised and happy to see that readers from Israel make up my third largest readership. First is my home country Australia, followed by United States. I love that we can connect from all over the world!
I have been listening to some older music by a band from the 90s called Tribal Trance that were based here on the Sunshine Coast. Many years ago I was given a couple of CDS from one of the founding members Matt James who is now a solo musician. At one time we decided to go live in a kombi van so I gave all my CDS away, I was happy to find one of the CDS at a thrift shop not too long ago called ' Minjahra '. I also found 'Deep in Didge' on eBay so have ordered it as it's one of my favourites. Chris Lane who you may know from Oka was also a member of the time. I love to crank it loud, lay down and just let the sound go right through me. 


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