Friday, 14 August 2015

Merry People

Gumboots - Merry People
Yellow Top - Vintage
Denim Shorts - Billabong

My calendar is filling up with all the amazing music events and festivals coming up in the remainder of the year, and I have already started to think about what I am going to wear ( I just can't help myself heehee).  Especially when I heard that Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest has a Woodstock theme this year! Who doesn't love a good dress up? And that theme is riiiiight up my alley. I'm going to have a ball not only enjoying some of my favourite bands playing there ( Caravana Sun, Cheap Fakes and The Floating Bridges to name a few) but I will also be roving around taking photographs galore. (Make sure you get tickets so as they are set to sell out as numbers are capped).

Add my new gumboots from Merry People to the equation and I know I am going to have a great time. I have actually been wearing these everywhere as they go with so many things and they are super duper comfy. Ah so excited for good times to come!


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