Thursday, 16 July 2015

Road to Nowhere

Indigo Tie Dye Dress - Wildflower Dyes
Leather Belt - Vintage
White Kimono - Billions Trillions
Henna - Divine Henna Designs
Cowboy Boots - Vintage

Sometimes taking a wrong turn is the right decision! We did and came across this little railway line complete with a sign that said they had cups of wine for $2. Well, there was no wine but it sure made me think that it would have been an interesting train trip coming from this station!

Loving this tie dye dress, indigo blue is always a favourite of mine and I love that these are all hand dyed by Valerie. You can wear it loose and it is a tent style that flares out but I chose to wear it with one of my vintage belts this day.


Keit said...

Aaah, too bad about the wine, I'd be the first to get 10 cups at least :D
Love dresses with cowboy boots, there's something very free spirited about it, always makes me want to hop on a horse and go on an adventure! :D

Dark Horse Wanderer said...

How good would it be to have wine at every train station Keit :D

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