Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Love Shack

Vintage Floral Romper with Matching Belt - Bohemian Seed
Leather Belt - Vintage
Boots - Ariat

How cute are these little colourful shacks? They are hired out to school groups for camping. I wouldn't mind a little shack like this myself ;) I used to live not far from this park and we had been kayaking through the everglades, it was beautiful. Think I should do this again soon, there are some places I want to kayak too that I didn't make it to last time.

And how cute is this vintage playsuit from this awesome new vintage shop I have discovered Bohemian Seed, it even had the original swing tag still attached. I love that the tag had 'HAVE A NICE DAY!' written on it, so kitsch! With it's contrasting floral cotton fabric with a matching belt, you can see I mixed things up and wore it with the belt and then tried with the leather belt. I like it both ways. It's so fun!


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