Monday, 27 July 2015

Harvest Moon

Shawl - Vintage
Dress - Sportsgirl ( Thrifted)
Henna - Divine Henna Designs
Wicker Bag - Vintage
Maori Sandal - Tread Light Gear

I fell in love with this old abandoned building on this country property, with its old horse drawn wagon behind me in the photos. The caretaker let us explore while he watched from his verandah having a smoke.

My new sandals I was so thrilled to get in the mail from Tread Light Gear, a wonderful business based in the USA. Not only are they beautiful shoes but they are made with being eco - positive in mind. Manna hand makes each pair of shoes using leather that is discarded from food production (rather than from animals that have been raised primarily for leather). They are made so they will mould to your feet the more you wear them and have a Vibram sole so there is many years of life in them. You can get them resoled after a few years to keep their life even longer. Plus they don't use any toxic glues in the the production of them. A lot of thought and love goes into these shoes! For these photos I wore them with the laces going all the way up but they look great tied up around the ankles too :)


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