Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Little Cabin on the Hill

Photos: Troy / Edited: Me

Hat: Similar Here
Hat Band on Hat - Vintage Concho Belt ( Similar here)
Suede Fringed Vest - Vintage ( Similar here)
Indian Gauze Dress - Vintage ( Similar here)
Boots - Ariat

This house is full of mystery, if you look in the window there is still furniture inside but as far as I know no one has lived there in years. There was even an old photograph poster of a nude lady on the wall inside. The front door has a padlock on it and the garden is overgrown. The boards on the front patio are loose and were creaking as I walked on them. 

I had a vintage belt with conchos on it so I put it around the hat as a hat band just for a bit of extra 'somethin' somethin'. The fringed vest was originally a jacket and the sleeves were cut off.

Imagine if when I was editing these photos if I saw face looking out the window? Ooh, spooky!


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