Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Happiness for Worryworts

I recently had the pleasure of attending a day workshop by Toni Powell called ' Happiness for Worrywarts'. Like most people I have times of stress and anxiety and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to learn more and I was also intrigued by the fact that it was evidence based with brain science to back up the claims.

As I am someone with a short attention span my biggest concern was how I was going to sit through a whole day of listening to someone talk. It turned out that was not a concern at all as Toni herself admitted she had designed the workshop for people like herself, and it turned out she had a short attention span too!

The day was cut into small bite size pieces with regular breaks, activities, dancing and food.  Yes, dancing. I took plenty of notes and was delighted to hear that we would also be sent emails the next day with more information and resources we could look up.

I was stoked that one of our activities involved going outside and taking a photo of something that we would not normally notice or appreciate.

My photo below was just simple milk crates but I loved how vibrant the blue was in it's stark surroundings. I appreciated this task as it is one of the things I love about photography, it gives you a new appreciation of what is around you when you notice these little things.

The first part of the workshop I learnt how important gratitude is every day and how it can influence your life both physically and mentally. Toni went into studies and interviews regarding this topic and how it has been shown to make a difference all around the world.

An important note was that we think that we are predestined in how we are because of our DNA or upbringing but that we actually have the power to change our entire genetic makeup.

  "We're all self made men, it's only the wealthy willing to admit it".

The workshop taught how the words you read and the negative things you see can effect your brain and wellbeing.  

There is so much more than what I can possibly write here which is why I recommend you check out Toni's website to see details of her next events and more information.

But for me the things I will be working on are 1. taking time out to think of what I am grateful for every day. 2. to eliminate complaining as much as possible.  I have my 'yellow car' on my fridge to remind me. If you watch the video you will know what I am talking about ;) Wish me luck!


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