Friday, 20 March 2015

Let the Sunshine In

Felt Hat: $8 version / $40 version
White tunic top: Thrifted ( Similar found here)
Hi Lo Skirt: Thrifted ( Similar found here)
Cowboy Boots: Ariat
Coin Bib Necklace:  $10 version / $120 version

I think I might be addicted to hats, I seem to be collecting a few of them lately. But they really do add a bit of 'somethin' somethin' to an outfit. On the fly I recorded a video of this outfit to give you a bit more in depth info plus explain some options if you like the look and want to create a look similar to it. 

I'm going to be doing alot more videos when the inspiration strikes so make sure you subscribe to my channel here so you can get updates and click on my video below to watch!


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