Friday, 27 March 2015

Life is an Unopen Box, Open It!

Photos: Troy + Me, Edited: Me

Floppy Hat - eBay
Dress - Vintage
Cowboy Boots - Similar here

Sometimes I get crazy ideas in my head and I can't stop thinking about it until I do it. Well, taking photos at this abandoned shack was one of them and the other one was doing a shoot complete with eye decoration inspired by a vintage photo from the late 60s of the girl in the photo below.  Some sites say this photo was taken at Woodstock, some say it was from a Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park in the late 60s. Either way I have been in love with this image for many years having kept it in my stash of inspirational photos. So I did my own version. FYI I used black stick on diamontes from the $2 shop. Sticking those things around your eyes does feels weird and I don't recommend it as it wouldn't be pleasant to get them into your eyeball but I did have fun creating the look ;) I think the girl in the photo is using sequins and eyeliner. 

I look at this photo below and wonder what happened to her? How old would she be now? Is she a mother, a grandmother? What does she think of the world today and is it how she thought it would be?

We got to the shack as the sun was coming up, I was very derelict with broken glass and the ceiling caving in. A surprise to find the graffiti in this tiny cottage and I named this blog post after it. I agree with the sentiment. Just like the girl in the photo I wondered who used to live here and what happened to them? 


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