Friday, 20 March 2015

Hanging on the Telephone

Burgundy Felt Floppy Hat - Similar Here
Vintage Leather Belt -  Similar Here
Bell Sleeve Floral Dress - Dissh
Cowboy Boots - Ariat
Silver Earrings - Just Jeans

Pulled into this caravan park out in the country and could hear the sweet sound of the ukulele. Turns out there was a ukulele festival going on out there and you could camp and stay for the workshops. We didn't stay but we had a bit of a sneaky look around and found this old telephone box that had so many wasps nests and all kinds of critters in it that you couldn't even open the door. I'm pretty sure the telephone was from the 80s so I pretended to phone someone even though I was scared of what might come flying out of the receiver!


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