Friday, 8 May 2015

Granny Square Picnic

Heart Glasses - eBay
White Fringed Crochet Cape - Vintage
Marble Fabric Dress - Vintage
Brown Leather Belt - Vintage
Wicker Bag - Queen Shop
Brogue Shoes - Queen Shop

It was the first day after my henna paste had come off and it was a beautiful sunny day. What better way to spend it than to take a blanket to the park and enjoy it. I was feeling a bit girly, a bit feminine and I wanted to wear my newest vintage dress that I fell in love with due to the hand marbled fabric. I am a boho girl but every now and then I do like to mix it up and I liked the contrast of the vintage dress with the intricate henna from Nicki. If you missed the last post when my henna was first applied, you can see it here. More to come as the henna gets darker!


Nicki Elliott said...

I adore this shoot. So retro and you look adorable!

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