Friday, 15 May 2015

Barefoot in Sumika

'Boho Meets Beach' Tank Top - Sumika
Denim Cut off Shorts - Lee

Who would have thought it was Autumn here on the Sunshine Coast when these photos were taken? The beach was lovely and warm as was walking along the rocks and as usual exploring. If you follow my instagram you will see how I found some beautiful sea glass including one in the shape of a heart. I like to think it was a positive message ;)

My henna was standing out so vibrant and this tank top from Sumika was the perfect mix with my denim shorts to be able to move freely among the rocks. I've know Angela from Sumika for a number of years and she inspired me to show a little more skin and be proud of my body. After all I am grateful for being healthy and have the freedom to move around. If you have ever broken a bone, been disabled in some way or been very ill you will appreciate how important it is to be grateful just for this alone :)


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