Friday, 9 January 2015

Hoop Dancing

I'm not a dancer but I do love to dance! When I saw that there was some hoop dancing classes locally it sounded like a great idea to help get me out of the feeling of self consciousness that often happens when wanting to dance and feel the music. Not only was it hoop dancing but our teacher Casey Lee wanted to emphasise the mental, spiritual and emotional benefits that hoop dancing can bring.  I have to say after the first class I am hooked.

Hoop dancing is not just spinning the hoop around on your hips for as long as possible, it is more using the hoop as a tool in many different ways. Who would have thought there would be so many ways to use it? Like Casey said it is almost like meditation, and I have to agree. It is easy to get lost it in and just feel the flow. What is even more exciting is to know there is no limit and that the more you learn the better you will feel as you go with flow.

So of course I have been fascinated to find out more and have been searching for some fantastic vintage hoola hoop images!


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