Thursday, 15 January 2015

Butterfly Hill

"She felt the weight of the cocoon.
Smothering, yet strangely comforting.
She knew it was time to emerge.
She knew it was time to become the magnificent butterfly she was born to be"

Butterfly Hill is a hidden little treasure on the outskirts of Nambour that incorporates a nursery that is home to many types of butterflies.

My friend and I paid a visit today and Teena was extremely inviting and helpful in showing us the different kinds of butterflies and explaining the process from the eggs being laid, to the chrysalis emerging and how the different plants were useful for these processes.

They sell a variety of plants here, the most important being the host plants to encourage new butterflies and of course the plants for adult butterflies to be attracted to for food.

It was fascinating  to see these beautiful creatures fluttering around and we were even shown a section with stick insects of different kinds. It amazes me how much these creatures look so much like leaves and sticks.

There is also some quails in the butterfly enclosure and we were lucky enough to spot some quail eggs that were hidden away.

I encourage you to pay Butterfly Hill a visit, it is quite evident that they are passionate about what they do and I can only see their business go from strength to strength as more people find out about them and start to incorporate more butterfly attracting plants in their garden.


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