Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Roam Free

Roam Free Earthy Tee - Dark Horse Wanderer

Roam Free Vintage Flannie - Dark Horse Wanderer
Roam Free Earthy Tee - Dark Horse Wanderer
Denim Shorts - Lee
Beaten Up Boots - Vybe 

I've been amping up my exercise recently and even though I am a member of the gym I much prefer to get outside as much as possible. The beach is one of my favourite places as well as bush walks and mountain climbs. Living here on the Sunshine Coast why not make the most of it?

I'm pretty low maintenance when I get into the great outdoors, preferring to be comfortable and knowing I can climb over things and not worry ;)

This is the perfect outfit for such times! Sturdy beaten up boots and a loose tee with a flannie for extra warmth as you get into the cooler evening. Perfect for nights around beach bonfires too :)


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