Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Dashiki Vibes


Dress: Vintage
Leather bracelets: Purchased from the Arts Factory Byron Bay Kiosk

Spent the morning looking for the perfect shoes to go with my bridesmaid dress and then we decided to go exploring and walking on the beach to get a nature fix.

I find that I go a little cray cray if I don't at least get to breathe in the forest or the sea air on a regular basis. I need that time out to just chill out and process life's little happenings.

My dress I have owned for a while, it is an original 70s vintage number and is calico cotton. It was a weird length on me originally so I altered it and brought up the hem as I found I never wore it the length it was. I have a bit of a thing for these kinds of sleeves too.


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