Sunday, 6 July 2014

Local Urbex

 Model: Lilli
Skirt: Vintage
Boots: Thrifted

One of my favourite activities when road tripping is to explore abandoned buildings. This particular building on the Sunshine Coast has been abandoned for many years, it has gone through many lives and has been changed and altered over time with fire and graffiti. It has a series of different rooms, some weird fixtures here and there and a steel ladder that I was a bit wary in using! Every time I visit here I see something different. 

I asked my friend to come and explore with me and I took a series of photos with a bit of a 90s grunge style theme. This is the first in the series I will share with you. As a vintage clothing seller in a previous life I still find myself hoarding vintage clothing, I have been holding onto this vintage tutu for some time so was happy to pair it with one of our earthy tie dyed yin and yang shirts.

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