Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Future Beauty - 30 Years of Japanese Fashion

 Ohya (Hiroaki Ohya) / Spring/Summer 2000 /
Collection: Kyoto Costume Institute /
Photograph: Masayuki Hayashi
 Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons /
Spring/Summer 2003 / Collection: Kyoto
Costume Institute / Photograph: Masayuki
 Undercover (Jun Takahashi) / Undercover /
Autumn/Winter 2000-01 / Photograph: Takashi
 Undercover (Jun Takahashi) /
Spring/Summer 2007 / Collection: Kyoto
Costume Institute / Photograph: Kazuo

If your idea of fashion wants to be challenged than the Future Beauty exhibition at GOMA in Brisbane  featuring 20 years of Japanese Fashion is probably a great place to start.

I am yet to travel to Japan but in the past imported Japanese stationery and then developed a fascination for street style of places like Harijuku as often photographed in Japanese magazine such as Fruits which I spent many hours poring over.

This exhibition in Brisbane which has been curated by Akiko Fukai, Director of the esteemed Kyoto Costume Institute in Japan features designs from the 80s to today and includes fashion from esteemed designers such as Issey Miyake and Australias own Akira Isogowa.

It took every strength of my being to not sneakily whip out my camera to take pics inside the exhibition so I have included some of the gallerys own photos to give you a taste.

In the foyer were many books on Japanese fashion for us to peruse  including ones dedicated to street style and sub cultures of outrageous Japanese fashion. Many of these were also for sale in the gift shop.

I went away feeling inspired to keep pushing the envelope in regards to my own style.


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