Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd Tshirt - Vintage
Moroccan People Print Culottes - Vintage
Shoes - Big W
Jewellery & Belt - Vintage & Thrifted 

Okay so there is a few fun things about this outfit. 

1. This isn't a skirt these are culottes! Yes you may have seen the infamous youtube 'pantsuit' video where the girl says about her lovely dress and then says 'but wait, it's a pantsuit!'. If not then check it out and you will see exactly how these wonderful pants operate by being sneaky and tricking us into thinking it is a skirt. 
2. It has a super colourful print that at first looks like it is a patchwork of aztec and moroccan prints but if you look carefully there is people on the fabric! The print is reminiscent of a market in Morocco with the sellers in front of their rugs and tapestries for sale. 
3. I stole my mans vintage Pink Floyd tshirt because well, why not. I have a thing for vintage band shirts and I think I wear it more than he does anyway. It's nice and worn in and faded just the way I like it. 
4. By pure coincidence it means another moon theme title haha!


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