Friday, 20 February 2015

Brisbane: Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood

Lucille Bremer - Ziegfield Follies
Nina Foch - 10 Commandments
Photo: Museum of Brisbane
I was in my element on a recent trip when I entered the Museum of Brisbane to see the latest free exhibition 'Costumes from the Hollywood Age'.

Brissie resident Nicholas Inglis has been been a collector of Hollywood memorabilia and clothing for almost 20 years and the exhibition shows a sample of these iconic wears from greats such as Fred Astaire, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland to name a few.

You may have heard the saying "I'm ready for my close up", well that was made famous by actress Gloria Swanson in the 1950 classic Sunset Boulevard. The costume worn in this famous scene is one of about 70 costumes on display as well as the dozens of accessories and props.

Swimming costumes from the famous olympic swimmer turned actress Esther Williams are also included such as the one in this short video.

Unfortunately photography is not allowed however there is lovely book with professional images you can purchase. I will be sure to be watching some of these classic movies again.

While you are there make sure you get a free ticket to go up the City Hall Clock Tower for a great view and for a little trip up the ancient and groovy lift. 


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