Monday, 1 June 2015

Puberty Blues

Red Embroidered Top - Vintage
Flare Jeans - Levis
Woodstock Crochet Vest - Sumika
Tooled Leather Clutch - Vintage
Tooled Leather Ring - Feather + Arrow
Platform Shoes - Vintage

I'm not a big tv watcher so I seem to always end up watching tv shows on dvd years after they have been out! So I finally was able to see season 1 of Puberty Blues and LOVED it, especially the last episode ;) Obviously being a 70s vintage fan I was observing all of the outfits and thought these jeans I had on today were alot like what was worn on the show and my top and clutch bag are also original 70s numbers.

So much has been happening lately I havn't really had much of a chance to do blog posts, however I do post on my instagram account more regularly so get on over there and follow me if you like what you see. I had just started two new jobs and learning lots of new things and so I did become a little run down. My skin has gone crazy with the changes both in life and in diet. Still trying to figure out what is best for me and making sure I have a good balance of work and play :)


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