Friday, 26 June 2015


Photos: by Nicki,  Edited: by Moi
Henna - Nicki @ Divine Henna Design
Dress: Just Jeans

"Here's to you on your own, the innocent criminal
You never fit the mold, you never go sit down
You never go get approval no matter how you prove
That love is the motive in everything you do,
And revolution is you and you're against the machine,
You know who you are and you know what I mean
And when this record stops you would never slow down"

I love this song by Soja, the title doesn't sound like it but it is actually a really self empowering song. Great to listen to when starting the day and you need to give yourself a kick up your own butt! It kind of resonated with me today because people have been asking me a lot lately why I do this blog. The first thing many people ask is how much money I make. When I say I don't make anything some of them look at me like I am alien that came out of outer space haha. Truth is my passion and goal with this blog is to just be able to express myself and help promote my friends labels and other small businesses and labels.  I also want to help inspire others to express themselves through being creative whether that is by how they dress or the creations they make. One day I hope that I can make some money some how so I can pay my bills and travel but for now I know that I am enjoying doing this for the fun of it and the occasional gift which is nice! I am getting to meet such fantastic people all over the world who 'get' me and my passion which I love, I'm finding my tribe.

I went to my friend Nickis house today to get hennaed. I didn't know what design to expect as she does amazing free hand work and thought this time to change things up a bit she would do one hand and one side of the leg. I absolutely love it! Then I asked if she would take some photos for me, and she kindly obliged! This was a new experience for the both of us and I have to admit I was very nervous as I either take the photos of myself or Troy takes them. It was super duper windy and cold so my hair was going all over the place but we still ended up with some nice shots I think. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend! xo


Nicki Elliott said...

Today the wind that blew in the beautiful Dark Horse Wanderer and made my day magical. x

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