Sunday, 3 August 2014

Greazefest Kustom Kulture Festival

Tiki Dylans Idol Hands
The Art of Paul
The Art of Paul
Burlesque Girls @ Mimsy's Trailer Trash Tattoo

Crypt Creations
Vintage Hippy
Kittys Vintage and Kitsch
Kittys Vintage and Kitsch
Retro Pop Art
The Squeaking Tribe
The Flattrakkers
Gypsy Emporium
Gypsy Emporium
Gypsy Emporium
Gypsy Emporium
Gypsy Emporium
Von Hot Rod
The Greazefest held over the weekend at Rocklea Brisbane helped reignite my inner rockabilly and has me wanting to introduce more leopard print, red lipstick and pin up inspired dresses back into my wardrobe.

I was amazed by the artistry in tattooes, tiki carving, painting and pin striping. Plenty of time was spent admiring the cars and there were two stages of music all day to listen ( or dance ) to.

Having been a vintage clothing seller in the past the real deal 50s style dresses were always an amazing find on the rare occasion I came across them but were always teeny tiny sizes. Luckily now this style is so popular there is many different brands to choose from to buy vintage inspired clothing and there were plenty on offer at the festival as well as authentic vintage clothing and fun kitsch.

Plenty of variety of food and drinks to choose from it was a fun day with lots to see and great people watching with so many festival goers making an effort to dress up for the day.

Greazefest is in Melbourne next and then we have to wait a whole more year for it to roll back into town again. I actually wished I had gone more than once!

I've put together some cute looks together for the guys and dolls so you can incorporate some rockabilly inspired wares into your wardrobe! For the ladies I have gone for a nautical theme:

1. Anchored Playsuit 2. Lost Love Tattoo Flash Dress 3. Anchor Bow Hair Clips
4. Tattoo Flash Makeup Bag 5. All Aboard Top 6. Western Style Anchor Dress
7. Quarterdeck Nautical Anchor Dress 8. Anchor Scarf

A  kustom kulture theme for the guys!  1. Rat Rod Chain Wallet 2. Old Speed Chino Jacket 


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