Friday, 22 August 2014

Chenrezig Institute - Buddhist Temple - Eudlo

Entrance to Chenrezig


Prayer wheel

Prayer wheel

Inside the Gompa

Community facilities

Some of the cabins 

The Garden of Enlightenment

Prayer wheels


Stupas in the Garden of Enlightenment


We wanted to have a day of peace and so instead of our usual adventures into nature we made the decision to visit Chenrezig Institute in Eudlo, a centre for Buddhist study, meditation and retreat. It is open to the public Wednesday to Sunday.

We arrived just before lunch as we had booked ourselves in for a vegetarian meal at the Big Love Cafe. Before we entered the cafe we visited the reception area and obtained a map of Chenrezig.

The Big Love Cafe is open from 12 to 1pm, many of the patrons appeared to be residents of Chenrezig and a few visitors like ourselves. We were served a nourishing vegetarian Shepherds pie and a variety of salads.

We then had a look around the grounds following the map from the reception area.

The Gompa is the temple hall where meditation as well as learning is held. Underneath is one a meditation room, a library and some of the living quarters. The institute offers weekly classes and meditation sessions that are open to the public.   They also offer live in retreats.

Scattered around the property is also dorms and small cottages where people can come to stay for short or long term. Chenrezig is also home to around 25 Sangha, ordained buddhist monks and nuns.

We visited the Garden of Enlightenment which includes a garden of stupas. There is a beautiful main building in traditional Tibetan style, it also includes rooms of stupas. Prayer wheels and flags surround the building. Stupas are structures that symbolise Buddhas enlightened mind, with these holy monuments holding holy objects and ashes or relics of the deceased.

We spent some time on the property and also visited the gift and dharma shop where they have a selection of beautiful gifts items as well as Buddhist support materials. They are only open until 2pm so make sure you give it a visit early on.

You don't have to be Buddhist to appreciate and enjoy your time at Chenrezig and there is alot to learn about if you enjoy absorbing different cultures. You can find more information on their website and visit if you can.


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