Monday, 28 November 2016

The Travelling Kimono

Black Sleeveless Top - Thrifted

Earrings - Vintage

Drifter Shorts - The Travelling Kimono

Boots - Novo

Just realised this is my first blog post since February this year. Alot has happened with new relationship and moving house plus creating a new business with my partner. So this blog has been put on the back burner. If you follow my instagram you will know I have still be doing updates on there, but they have mainly consisted of selfies ha!

So I was a bit nervous with pulling out the tripod and camera and seeing how I go with photos in our messy lounge room. It was a bit of a spontaneous decision which I think is always best. I didn't spend any time rearranging a room I just went for it the way it was.

But I was inspired by these shorts I bought over the weekend from Sunshine Coast label The Travelling Kimono. This local business is run by two ladies who work alongside a family in Vietnam to create their designs. I love everything they have and the ethos behind their work!



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