Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ricks Garage + Adventures

Having a bit of a clean up on my computer and found these images I had not yet added to the blog that I had taken ages ago. For some reason I took all these photos on an angle! haha

One day we went driving and we explored an abandoned house ( now unable to access as it has been fenced off) and also Dunethin Rock area. At the jetty the water looked enticing for a swim but I was told bull sharks had been seen in the water so that made me change my mind.

Ricks Garage at Palmwoods is one of those places that has slowly but surely grown in reputation and is a fun place to meet up for an old fashioned hamburger and milkshake. There is often classic cars and bikes out the front to add to the atmosphere. And yes they actually are a garage as well with the mechanic out the back. They have also started adding music nights to the menu!


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